Yvette’s Work

The first story I wrote was the children’s fantasy adventure story for 6-9-year-olds, The Scrifs and Stirrits, when I was seventeen. I followed this story with the Splat the Wonder Dog series also for 6-9-year-olds, The Great Adventures of Splat the Wonder Dog, and The Colour Secret. From the 1980s onwards, I wore both hats, writer and illustrator. I wrote and illustrated a range of picture books, The Best Day Ever, Scooter’s Hooter, The Unsightly Wet Nightie, The Impossible Race, My Good and Honest Friends, and Free Wally. Some of my illustrations feature on the side panel of this site.


In 2005, I began penning my middle grade fantasy fiction, The Chronicles of Aden Weaver. Under my own imprint, Shining River Press, I self-published The Or’in of Tane, Book One, The Sasori Empire, Book Two, and The Last Tree, Book Three in the trilogy, in October, 2020.

The Chronicles of Aden Weaver 

An ordinary boy. A vicious warlord. Both seek a stone with special powers. But only one can possess the Or’in of Tane.

The Or’in of Tane, Book One

Aden Weaver lives with his grandparents, and is an eleven-year-old when he discovers his Papa Joe and Nana Jeen are keeping secrets. When his grandparents agree to let him start warrior training, Aden learns more than just fighting techniques. He learns of his destiny as the son of Kal—the first chief of the shape shifting dragonfly tribe. He learns about the legendary stone, the Or’in of Tane, gifted to them by Tane Mahuta and missing for thousands of years, and the mysterious Order of Twenty-four, charged with finding it. Chief Wako, the leader of the Sasori Empire also seeks the Or’in of Tane. When he hears of Aden Weaver, the sole surviving son of Kal—the only person who can stand between him and possession of the stone—Chief Wako determines Aden must die.




The Sasori EmpireBook Two

It has been a few months since twelve-year-old Aden Weaver fought and killed the Sasori warriors on the Lost Island. While recuperating, Aden discovers there are secrets surrounding his father’s identity. Meanwhile, Chief Wako, the scorpion shapeshifter and leader of the criminal Sasori Empire, gets his clutches on the Or’in of Tane. Aden and his friends—now members of the Order of Twenty-four—leave the Lost Island, their mission to retrieve the relic from the stronghold of the Sasori. In the wild Land of Fire and Ice, the young heroes face terrifying mythological creatures, giants and river demons. As they close in on the Or’in of Tane, Aden has to follow his astral mentor between worlds and utilize wits he never knew he had.

Sasori Empire - Cover3


The Last TreeBook Three

After nearly losing their lives, a thirteen-year-old Aden Weaver and his team continue to chase the legendary Or’in of Tane. The Sasori smuggle the stone across the Land of Fire and Ice. The stakes rise when a revolution breaks out and threatens the habitat of the bird demons, the Tengu. Aden realizes it threatens the ecology of the planet. It’s not just about the relic or the Lost Island anymore, but the survival of the entire world. To win everything from nothing, Aden enters a dangerous game with the Tengu horde. With a slave girl to rescue, mythical demons afoot, and the warlike Loci joining the battle for the Or’in of Tane, Aden must stay one step ahead in the game of his life.

The Last Tree - Cover _20203



Yvette Carol’s enduring love of mythology and fantasy fiction for children inspired her to write her debut novel, The Or’in of Tane, swiftly followed by The Sasori Empire, the first two volumes in the trilogy, The Chronicles of Aden Weaver. The Last Tree is the third book in the trilogy. A former journalist, Yvette had an article published in the book, The Insecure Writer’s Support Group Guide to Publishing and Beyond for 2014, and a short story released in the 2015 children’s anthology, Kissed by an Angel. She lives with her family in New Zealand.



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