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December 7 question – It’s holiday time! Are the holidays a time to catch up or fall behind on writer goals?
Fall behind, way way behind. This is the time of year when – ooh, look, something sparkly – I can easily get distracted. There is a very small child inside of me who is all agog about coloured lights, baubles, and glitter. When December begins every year, I imagine I’ll carry on just the same way I have the rest of the year, that I’ll do all my writing jobs each week the same as normal. And every year, on the first weekend of December, I go to the Xmas market and start my gift shopping. Something gets ignited within, and from then on, for the rest of the month, my life turns into a whirlwind of Xmas-related things. I watch all the movies and cooking shows about how to make festive dishes. Working on my stories starts to take a back seat to list-making, shopping, catch-ups, get-togethers, and sparkles.

I have to-do lists as long as my arm. I make the annual greeting card and post them to family and friends. The boys and I bake the big Christmas cake (rich fruit cake). We go visit friends with food and gifts. We attend group lunches and end-of-year dinners. I go out shopping most days, to various carefully chosen stores to buy small gifts for family and friends. I wrap gifts. Wrapping gifts is one of the most universally hated jobs. Not for me. I make an evening out of it. I treat it like a craft project, getting out my boxes of ribbons, papers, and bows. It’s fun.

I still have the end-of-year maintenance jobs to do: washing the house and the windows, cleaning and repainting the three verandahs, and repainting the bathroom. I’ll add them to my “to-do” list. December is a juggling act. I intend to relish every moment of this wonderful season. The food, sunshine, time with family, and vacations. What’s not to love? Hello, Summer. (Yes, here in the southern hemisphere it is summer!)
Wherever you are for the month ahead, whatever you celebrate, I wish you every success. And I hope you do celebrate, make (or order) a big cake, light some candles, play beautiful music and enjoy the coloured lights. After the year we’ve had, we deserve a party. A big party.

Writing? What writing? LOL.
Happy Holidays!

Keep Writing!
Yvette Carol
Let it be easy. ~ Anon
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  1. elegancesicy says:

    It’s predicting snow this weekend so I’m snuggled up in warm clothes and was confused why they were in shorts… AH! Southern hemisphere, lucky ducks!! Happy Christmas!

    Liked by 1 person

    • yvettecarol says:

      LOL. Yes, Christmas and summer don’t really seem to go together, do they? It’s a bit discombobulating for us, too. But hey, you get used to it at this end of the world! The sound of snow and sitting inside by the fire sounds wonderful. Enjoy!

      Liked by 1 person

      • elegancesicy says:

        No fire here!! But we have those thick old fashion wrought iron radiators which are AWESOME. I stick my feet in them to warm up 😉 Haha. Does it get very hot or is it acceptable temperatures for the Christmas down there?


  2. Yvette! I read your post and then had to have a nap. I was exhausted just thinking about what you do. You are one busy mum! Blessings to you. Hope your Christmas is wonderful!


  3. Olga Godim says:

    You have sunshine – lucky you. We have rain in Vancouver. And last week, we had a snowstorm. So much snow that all the bridges in the city closed because of accidents. People going home from work spent the night (up to 12 hours) in their cars because of the traffic jams. I was home, and my friend who lives across one of our bridges but works near my house spent the night in my place. We were both happy she had somewhere to come for the night.
    Happy holidays, Yvette.


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