~ Things the Holidays have Taught me ~

Posted: December 31, 2016 in Christmas,, FAMILY, Family stories, Fishing, Grandfathers, holidays, kids
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After months mostly spent indoors at the computer, my boys and I headed to the coast to spend Christmas with family.

It was a lot of fun. We stayed a whole week, with the boys going back with their father to the city for one day and night, to kayak with their other cousins. I surprised myself by swimming every day, sometimes twice. It was great.


While there, I went from feeling the stress of Christmas to relaxing. My brother arrived with injuries, hardly able to move. Yet, by the time they left, he was looking like his old self. His partner suffers from an ongoing illness, and yet, while on holiday with us she had more “good days” than ever.

I pondered this as I holidayed, and I realized there is therapy in travel…in being somewhere ‘different’


In fossicking about in rock-pools


In connecting with the earth – actually touching it


In making new friends


In risking a little discomfort for the adventure


In spending quality time with your cuzzies


In hanging out with your siblings


In being outdoors in the fresh air, sometimes doing nothing, sometimes climbing a mountain


In fishing


And swimming


In snatching one last dip with the kids and nephews before the sun goes down


There is therapeutic value in spending time with family. Full stop. Gathering under the same roof, especially during a festive time, helps to build and maintain those bonds. All the feasting and partying also expands the waistline! Never mind, the worry and guilt can wait till next year.


These festive celebrations deepen the important connections in our lives. We feel the love. We feel plugged back into our families again.

I’ve returned to the city feeling refreshed, invigorated, calm and peaceful. I’m ready to work! I look forward with optimism to the year ahead. Bring on 2017!


Talk to you later.

Happy New Year!

Yvette K. Carol


“The Artist is no other than he who unlearns what he has learned, in order to know himself.” ~ E.E. Cummings



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  1. Have a GREAT 2017 Yvette 😀 XXX

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  2. emaginette says:

    Funny me surrounded by snow and you enjoying the beach, and both of us celebrating Xmas and New Years. I love how small the world’s become.

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  3. Bun Karyudo says:

    Being together like that is great! It’s always great to have a chance to enjoy some time with those we love. Incidentally, investigating rock pools is the best! It was easily my favorite part of any visit to the beach when I was a kid. I hope Sam found some interesting little creatures swimming about in them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • yvettecarol says:

      Interesting correlation, Bun. My youngest son says the same, every time we return from visiting Grandpa when I ask which was the best part, he always says, ‘the rock pools!’
      We found small shrimp and fish. We may have seen baby kowhai but we’re not sure if we had the markings correct.

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  4. I love the lessons you learned. I’ve learned a few too. I’m excited about life again. 2017 is going to be fabulous! Happy happy New Year, dear Yvette!

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    • yvettecarol says:

      Thanks, Joylene! I feel the same way about 2017 🙂 I’m optimistic

      (by the way, I don’t know if the problem is at my end or yours but I can’t comment on your latest blog post, it won’t let me, for some reason – I’ve tried to comment three times with no success)

      I’m so glad to hear you’re getting your mojo back!
      Happy New Year to you and your lovely family xx

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      • Not sure what was wrong with my blog, except probably everything. I’m still trying to find the time to switch to WordPress. The fact I haven’t yet is not good. I’ll pull up my pants and get cracking. Happy New Year, Yvette.

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  5. yvettecarol says:

    I can remember having to do the same. I really liked the design of my Blogger site and a bunch of folks I love to bits are on Blogger but never/seldom come over to comment on WP. However, I was told again and again that WP was more “user friendly” and eventually, I made the switch. Now, I could never go back. I still miss some of my old Blogger pals but WP really is easier. Folks love the option of hitting a “like” button, too. What I’ve found is, you’ll get some people who just want to comment but others who just hit like and move on. If you can only comment (as on B) then that is restrictive for some readers. When you do make the change, Joylene, make sure to announce it clearly beforehand and leave directions to the new blog. I didn’t get around to doing that when I moved and I’m sure I lost some readers, that way. Most important, don’t be too hard on yourself, Joylene. The new year has only just begun! 😀


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